Tips For Keeping Semi Truck Lights Ontario, CA in Check

Inspect Your Truck

Winter conditions have a significant effect on your semi truck lights and electrical wirings. Before you travel any further, make sure to secure your connectors and any dangling wires by using plastic tie wraps that won’t easily dislodge the placement. Watch out for drip loops as well.

Focus on Older Equipment

Older parts are prone to more damage due to a higher volume of corrosion. At this point, you might start experiencing problems with the connectors as well as light fixture issues. Some companies focus on repairing older equipment as we do at Modern Semi Truck Lights. 

Having old parts for your truck might prove to be tricky especially when it comes to replacement parts, but you have our team at your disposal to look into your semi truck lights in Ontario, so have no worries!

Clean the Lenses

Your lights play a huge role in your driving safety and comfort, so make sure to clean your vehicle lights regularly or whenever needed. Make do with water and mild dishwashing soap to thoroughly scrub off debris and grime from the lenses.

Avoid strong chemicals and spraying the high-pressure power washer directly to the semi truck lights. Be careful not to get water inside the light housing.

Mind the Tractor 

The tractor provides the power for the trailer’s electrical system. To find bad connections or problems with low-voltage, look into the seven-way pigtail cable or the seven-way connector socket on the tractor and communicate your findings with us at Modern Semi Truck Lights in Ontario!