What Are Aftermarket Truck Parts Ontario, CA?

Aftermarket parts are non-OEM parts produced by manufacturers specializing in off-brand replacement parts for different vehicle types.

When dealing with vehicle repairs following an accident, insurance companies may apply aftermarket parts like semi truck parts, which are cheaper than OEMs. Thus, is the ideal choice for vehicle repair shops.

Aftermarket parts or off-brand parts like Freightliner truck parts in Ontario have their own preset warranty that do not intervene with the vehicleโ€™s existing warranty. When it comes to leased vehicles, applying aftermarket or stock parts depend on the leasing contract.

Various dedicated and well-known aftermarket brands manufacture replacement parts such as semi truck lights, Freightliner parts, truck bumpers, and Volvo truck parts. These parts come with a guarantee of safety of usage in cosmetic enhancement or structural parts including hoods, doors, and rims. However, structural parts must be mirror replicas of the OEM parts or at least have the same fitting to ensure that the vehicleโ€™s crash rating and safety is not compromised.

Repair costs subsequently drop when aftermarket parts are applied instead of purchasing OEM parts. In some cases, ordering OEM parts also takes time, plus there is always a question of availability.

The cheaper repair cost is a win-win scenario for both the insurance agency and the vehicle owner. Aftermarket parts guarantee availability and affordability in repairs, so agencies cover losses at a lower rate while the clients can maintain a cheaper insurance policy. For excellent aftermarket parts, consult us at MODERN Semi Truck Parts in Ontario.