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Modern Semi Part in Fontana provides a full range of services with our highly trained team that can help you with your semi truck part needs. We represent the industry with our full-range solution for semi truck parts like Freightliner parts, truck bumper, semi truck mirrors, semi truck lights, Volvo truck parts, semi truck tires, and other aftermarket truck parts in Fontana. With our full range of truck parts available, it is easy to find what you need for your truck. You don’t have to worry about the quality because, at our company in Fontana, we always ensure that all of our parts are of high quality and meet and even exceed the manufacturer’s standards. When you get a replacement part from us, we always make sure that it will last long.

So if you have special needs for your semi truck in Fontana, do not hesitate to call us. We specialize in providing what you want, and we always welcome your business. We also have local delivery for you if you live in the Ontario area, where our store is located! We always go the extra mile to serve and provide you with what you need.

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Mario Gilbert Fontana, CA

Modern Semi Truck Parts is the best. They shipped both of my semi-truck bumpers to Fontana with free shipping. The bumper was a perfect fit.Β Β 

Stephen Ventura Fontana, CA

Modern Semi Truck Parts really helped me out when I needed International truck parts in Fontana. They did great to deliver the parts right away. I was so relieved.

Peter Anspach Fontana, CA

It can be difficult to find truck parts in Fontana for my Volvo, but now I count on Modern Semi Truck Parts to send me what I want quickly.

Anne Hudson Fontana, CA

Modern Semi Truck Parts had just what I needed and delivered them fast. Getting truck lights in Fontana was simple and they were in my hands in no time.

Donald Houle Fontana, CA

Finding the Freightliner parts I needed after a collision was easy thanks to Modern Semi Truck Parts in Fontana. They shipped the aftermarket truck parts directly to me.Β